What am I supposed to wear?!

January 17, 2019

A new year is upon us and many of us mamas still have the same question…. what do I wear?  SukiSays there’s hope for us all! Whether you’re dropping off your kids at school or running into the office every morning, there are easy outfit ideas that will make you look and feel your best!



Key pieces:

  1. Classic button down ( in a non wrinkle material, such as polyester ).  I’m not talking about Buffy Worthington’s classic button down with sweater tied around the shoulders and sipping tea with your pinky up…. I suggest a slightly relaxed option that can be belted, tucked in, or worn just loose.

  2. A great pair of jeans in YOUR size.  Please don’t be in denial about your correct sizes. Often times you’ll see if you size up, you’ll look thinner. In the same respect, don’t buy clothes that are too big.



  3. A comfortable pair of high-waisted wide leg pants. Darker colors are great, but if you’re comfortable with it, skinny vertical stripes add height to your frame.

  4. Dresses!!!! I can’t stress this enough. Dresses are the most versatile thing in your closet. During summer months, just accessorize with jewelry. During our “brutal” Miami winters, add a blazer or patterned tights and boots to “winterfy” your look.

  5. A lightweight sweater/ scarf in a neutral color. This will add a polished look to even the most basic outfit.

  6. It may sound strange, but ribbed tanks/basic tees in different colors….. you might be   

           thinking, listen lady, I’m not showing my arms or stomach in a close fitting shirt…. but     

           give me a chance to explain! When you tuck these shirts into pieces like the high  

           waisted wide leg pants, you actually make your stomach look flatter, because it will

           accentuate your waist!


With these key pieces, you can mix and match into different outfits. Have fun with accessories and shoes to make your outfits you! You rock everyday, now you’ll rock your outfits from drop off to the office and everything in between! Tag me ( @suki_says_style) when you put together your cute outfits! I can’t wait to see them!!!


For more tips from SukiSaysstyle, follow me on : www.instagram.com/suki_says_style


Many of my pieces are from my local  TJMAXX and Nordstrom Rack. They have great designer selections at great prices!



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