Getting Started on a Health and Wellness Journey

December 26, 2018



Getting Started on a Health and Wellness Journey


Have you ever made a resolution or goal to get healthier? Have you stuck with it? Lasted a few weeks? Really made a lifestyle change?


This month, we went and interviewed wellness experts to get their top tips on creating health goals that stick, how to overcome obstacles that hold you back and where to get the best discounts on health and wellness products and services that will help you with your individual goals.


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How to Get Started on a Health and Wellness Journey


Often, it’s the ‘start that stops us’. When tackling a new goal around our health and fitness we can feel paralyzed. Sometimes all we can see is how far we have to go and get scared to put that first foot forward.


So how do you get started on your journey? Check out these tips from experts!


Essence Nutrition 


"Pick ONE goal per week (or even per month) that is attainable, realistic, and timely. Reward yourself (with a non-food option) when you attain it. Enlist support in your spouse/friends/family. Make it foolproof and non-negotiable for yourself; you are YOUR body's boss."



Waterbiking Studio


"First, stay committed. Everyone's journey is different. Do not compare. Second, remember fitness starts within. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and workout."



The Miami PT 


"You may want to achieve your desired results quickly, but starting slow and easing into exercise will help you avoid injury and prevent burn-out."



Jami Young: Clinical Social Worker


"Invest time and energy into yourself and your own happiness. Create space for yourself to relax and learn coping and time management skills to manage the stress in your life!"



How to Overcome Obstacles on Your Health and Wellness Journey


When you decide you are ready to make changes, sometimes all obstacles seem to get in your way at once! It can feel like you’re never meant to be successful or that you won’t be able to make health changes. I asked our health experts to help us with some of the top obstacles that they hear and how they would encourage you to push past them! They tackled the biggest one below!



I don’t have the time to workout or be healthier.



Transformation Station Miami 


"A common obstacle is the lack of time in a busy schedule. It's simply a matter of prioritizing your health and wellness and making a workout a priority. Working out and improving your health and fitness will also increase your energy which will ultimately improve your overall productivity throughout the day. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a given day-it's up to you to prioritize your fitness!"



Essence Nutrition


"We ALL have 24 hours in a day. It's just about prioritization and motivation!"



Waterbiking Studio


"Organize your day, think about how a workout will benefit your day more than watching your favorite Netflix show or trolling on social media. Reorganize your daily activities and give yourself 45 min!"







Getting Started on a Health and Fitness Journey (on a budget!)


Another obstacle that often gets in the way of people getting started on their health and fitness journey is that they feel guilty investing in themselves, aren’t sure how to make it fit into their budget, or where to get the best deal on classes, services or products.


That’s where our Mini City partners come in!


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Business: Essence Nutrition 



Services Offered: Private client nutrition counseling, corporate wellness, school nutrition consulting for private schools, menu consulting for facilities and eateries


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Business: Waterbiking Studio


Services Offered: An array of low impact, high intensity full body aquatic workouts! 


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Business: The Miami PT


Services Offered:  Physical Therapy


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Business: Jami Young; Clinical Social Worker



Services Offered: Private psychotherapy, life coaching to create and maintain emotional wellbeing


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Business: Transformation Station


Services Offered:Group fitness classes including kickboxing, yoga, weight training, HIIT. Nutrition and wellness counseling. Body Composition Analysis.


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Have any questions? Drop them in the comments!











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