The Best Ways to Plan a Kid's Birthday Party in Miami

November 2, 2018



Planning a birthday party for your kids can be stressful, costly, and exhausting! There are so many things you need to remember, all of the costs can creep up, and you aren’t sure the best places, vendors or event spaces to go to.


But have no fear! We interviewed some of the top party planning experts and services in Miami (who also happen to be partners with us over at Mini Miami) for their advice, tips and best ways to save money and not stress out!


If you’re not already a Mini Miami member, make sure you head over and sign up! You get exclusive discounts on our partners services so, not only will they help make your planning less stressful but you can save money too!






Unique Kids Party Ideas


There are times when you might want to have a low key birthday party at your house or times when you want to ramp it up with something special and unique. Whatever you want to do for your party, know that there are ways to make it the best day ever!


And, while you might not want to rent a mini zoo (or maybe you do!) for your house or take kids on a balloon ride (which would be epic!) there are a ton of ways that you can be creative and bring some life to your kid’s party!


Start to brainstorm activities that would allow the party to stand out and be different from ones you may have attended in the past. You’ll want to make sure you have activities for the kids to do and keep busy all while giving them freedom to play and explore.


Ailyn, of Quintessential Party Planning recommends that you, “Get inspired on Pinterest! Once you've been inspired, give it your own twist!”


There is no need getting caught up on having a perfect party that is just like someone else’s but, you can always gleam inspiration to get you started so your kids can have fun!


Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and personalize things for your child. They’ll remember the things that were special for them and picked by you just for them!


Some activities you can try at your next party could include Artistic Face Painting where each person gets their own custom design (like from our partner Mavi’s Makeup Room). I’m sure you’ve been to parties before where you can get face painting but, using this artistic approach, your party will stand out!











Instagram @mavismakeuproom



Another super unique idea is to work with our partner Maker Monkey Workshop!  At Maker Monkey Workshop, all you need is a table and your kids can create awesome projects! Each party goer receives tools and instructions and can use their creativity, hands and brain to have loads of fun!


















Maker Monkey Workshop


Easy, Stress free Birthday Party


We all know that birthday parties can be super stressful with the lists of things to do, remember and shop for but they don’t have to be!  


When you’re stressing out over an event that is supposed to be fun, your family and kids can tell. Remember, you want this to be a fun event and something that everyone enjoys, and no one will be able to enjoy it if you are running around, barking orders at people, and looking like you might cry.


And take the advice from Erika at Bash of Paint, “Remember the why. That is, remember WHY you are having this party. For most parents, the answer to that why is to have a happy and memorable day with their child. So don't try to please everyone else, and focus on what YOU and your child want for that special day.”


The first step, after you’ve done your inspirational searches on Pinterest is to make sure you create the ultimate list so that everything gets done! The Ministry of Decor has an incredible and easy to use  downloadable party planning checklist! This way things won’t get missed or forgotten! This is perfect for the parents who have super busy schedules and want to have it all laid out for them.


They also suggest that you also, “keep a spreadsheet of any vendors you may have with emails and phone numbers so that you have all the information needed in one place. Make a timeline which includes your set up in detail, this way you ensure that you have given yourself enough time to get everything ready (don't forget to include your getting ready).”


Preparing in advance is a key to keeping your day less stressful. You’ll want to make sure you’re not leaving too much to the last minute and have thing ready to go for the day of the party.


As suggested by Quintessential Party Planning, “Time is your best friend! If you are a DIYer, make things ahead of time so you are not running around last minute. When you are looking for something specific, it's a lot more stressful to scramble around for it on a time crunch. On the other hand, if you truly want a stress free party, the best option is to hire a professional to do the planning and set up for you!”


The second thing you’ll want to make sure that you do is get some help with the party! Getting help, whether through a party planner or family members, will guarantee you’ll have less hiccups and stressed out moments.


Pamper'd Kids Spa agrees that “it can be so much less stressful to have the party at a venue that will take the planning and activities off your hands so that you can just host and enjoy.”


When you allow someone else to take over the day of events, you really can just be a host and have fun with your kids!


And while I know you’re going to go and do your Pinterest shop and get Instagram Inspiration, remember not to “overdo it and relax” says, Anthony from the Miami Balloon Guy.


Finally, make sure you take the advice from Maker Monkey Workshop. “At the end of the day it’s all about gathering good friends, making the birthday boy or girl feel special, and providing a fun experience for your guests. The party should be a reflection of your child and your family. If you love big extravagant celebrations… go for it! If that kind of thing stresses you out, keep it more intimate and remember that there is beauty in simplicity too!"






10+ Best Places to Have a Cool Birthday Party In Miami


If you’re ready to take the next step in planning your party, Mini Miami would love to help you! We partner with the best birthday party experts to ensure a seamless and fun day! Our members receive special discounts from all of our vendors, including the ones who contributed to this article! Go and grab your yearly membership and check out what we have to offer!


This Posts Featured Vendors Included;

Mavi’s Makeup Room

Mini Miami Members Receive 10% discount off their party

What makes Mavi’s Makeup Shop Unique?

Kids and parents love to get their face painted with their favorite design! Girls become princesses, unicorns, rainbows... boys become heroes, reptiles, etc..and all feel even more special. It elevates their beauty and self esteem. It’s amazing to see how happy they all get and how much more they enjoy the party! The designs are different and they only the best materials!


Quintessential Party Planning

Mini Miami Members Receive 15% off their services

What makes Quintessential Party Planning Unique?

Quintessential Party Planning will bring the party of your dreams to life. They will do all the work for you, so you can enjoy your party just like your guests.


The Ministry Of Decor

Mini Miami Members Receive 20% discount on planning services

What makes The Ministry of Decor Unique?

The Ministry of Decor are creatives at heart. They enjoy listening to your ideas and want to assist you in creating a one of a kind look for your event. If you can dream it, they can make it a reality!


Pampered Kids Spa

Mini Miami Members Receive 10% Discount off their package

What makes Pampered Kids Spa Unique?

Having a Pamper’d party is special because every party is personalized. They have a mini questionnaire for each parent to complete about their child to ensure that they cross every T for the guest of honor. This usually includes a personalized gift from the Pamper’d Posse in addition to the customized services we offer.


Maker Monkey Workshop

Mini Miami Members Receive

What makes Maker Monkey Workshop Unique?

A Maker Monkey Workshop birthday building kit provides a completely unique experience. Kids use real tools to build a special project that they get to decorate and take home. The birthday boy or girl can choose the project and we will supply all the tools, materials, and instructions needed for each party guest. Kids have built toy cars, spaceships, jewelry organizers, picture frames, and so much more. Maker Monkey building kits provide kids kids with an opportunity to learn practical skills and tap into their creative side. They’ll have fun building and feel so proud of what they’ve made!


Miami Balloon Guy

Mini Miami Members Receive 10% off purchase (excluding helium balloons)

What makes the Miami Balloon Guy Unique?

He can help to either create a festive and unique atmosphere for event with professional balloon decor, and/or entertain with some of the most amazing multi-balloon creations that you will ever see in the market.  Miami Balloon Guy also works with other companies that offer face painting, tables and chairs, magician, and other party services.


Bash of Paint

Mini Miami Members Receive 15% off online registration on art workshops or $25 off when you book a birthday party (discounts may not be combined)

At Bash of Paint, kids and adults of all ages can participate in a uniquely creative and engaging activity.  They offer painting parties using real stretched canvas and quality art supplies, including glitter, gems, and other embellishments to decorate the paintings.  Bash of Paint gives parents the choice between pre-traced canvases to match the party theme, or they can also start with a blank canvas and teach guests how to create their own masterpieces.  The paint they use is water-based, nontoxic, washable acrylic, which is safe for little ones to handle.  And just as fun as their painting parties, are their slime making parties too! They bring a cart full of slime charms, beads, floam, fake snow, shaving foam, multiple colors, add-ins, and more, and provide step-by-step instructions for all guests to create their own slimes. They offer in-home party services as well as services at various locations, including Sloan's Homemade Ice Cream, where they include a build-your-own sundae activity, and Goin Bananas, where they include unlimited play in the tri-level indoor playground. 





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