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Concierge Postpartum Care is a company owned by a Miami OBGYN and mother of two. Dr. Jennifer Schell wishes to close the gap in care and support that exists in the United States for women from the moment they are discharged home postpartum until it is time for their annual exam. She also has a special interest in helping women after the loss of a pregnancy.


Dr. Jennifer Schell has carefully picked a team of wonderful women who will come to your home and help you take care of your newborn overnight. It is of utmost importance for milk production and for bonding with your newborn, to be as relaxed and well rested as possible during this crucial time. The idea is that these providers will help you and your family transition smoothly from the all around hospital care to your home. The providers will also train your baby to sleep in his/her crib for long stretches.  These women will support whichever method of feeding you have chosen for your baby. 


Dr. Schell herself provides home visits where a comprehensive medical and emotional evaluation including a directed physical exam, when applicable, are performed.


She also provides personalized Concierge Early Sleep Training with the goal of improving the family’s overall wellbeing, and avoid long “cry it out” practices down the road. 

Dr. Schell will also provide in-home Q&A sessions to answer everything concerning the last weeks of pregnancy, labor, delivery and immediate postpartum period. Client may invite guests.


Dr. Schell also wishes to fill in the gap after a miscarriage. Many women are sent home from the hospital or the office without fully understanding the loss of their pregnancy and the emotional or physical sequelae this may have. She provides home visits to women who have suffered a pregnancy loss or who are pregnant again after such a loss.


Her Mommy classes are a place where moms (with or without babies) come to candidly discuss with Dr. Schell the issues that no one talks about after baby. First class is free.